Thursday, September 24, 2009

Queer Fraternity Brother Smack Down!!!

I added a link to a song, so click on the title to see all the reasons I ain't queer.

I have some old Fraternity Brothers mostly conservative with one glittering jewel of liberalism we will call Little Move On dot Bob so that he can remain anonymous. We get these email threads going and this one became particularly entertaining to me. It's like eaves dropping on the table next to you in a restaurant.... you have to read it to the end..... starts off normal but then takes a weird turn.

Eric H starts it off:

"Next week, there will be a 'stunning' documentary on ACORN and the
former founder and CEO of 38 years will be the star. He was kicked out
because he tried to cover up his brother's embezzlement of a million
bucks. It is said that he will disclose the absolute level of
corruption inside the organization.

And now, do you think the 'main stream media' will even have a word of
this national scandal?"

Billy K weighs in:

"Eric, sorry to say, but any focus on Acorn will be met with a shrugged
shoulder and cries of racism. The American public just doesn't care any
more. You know the old saying for a politician. Never get caught in
bed with a live boy or a dead girl. I'm not so sure that these are
disqualifiers any more. By the way, impeach Mark Sanford, and John
Conyers as well."

Li'l Move on dot Bob enters the fray:

"I don't understand why ACORN has been and is so important to the right
wing anyway. My view is, ACORN has some corrupt employees. So what?
The House voted this week to deny them any more Federal funds. Many of
the Democrats voted that way too, such as John Spratt and Larry Kissell.
End of story.

Mark Foley (R, La) got caught messing with live boys, right? Congressman M
will get caught one of these days, too. Maybe the same web
journalist that outed SC Lt Gov Andre Bauer a week or so ago will out
Congressman M too. Rock Hudson got married too but the truth about his
gayness eventually came out."

The Rowdy Republican engages:

"The Little Move on dot Bobby Zeppelin has escaped it's tethers again and is
drifting off to the left.

Acorn is not nearly as important to the right as it has been to the left.
Acorn is ripe with corruption as has been proved by 2 kids with a camera,
doing what Mike Wallace used to do. Nancy Pelosi, little Dick Turbin and the
other Senator from Il , whose name escapes me at the moment, think ACORN is
very important as judged by their actions and votes this week. But since
Little Move On says "end of story" we should have no further comments on
the issue! Must not fit your playbook? I for one will make the fermenting
and rotting ACORN into a nice little concoction and frequently will anoint
"The Messiah" with it, as it was the only qualification he had to run for

Mark Foley emailed boys never messed with them like Democrat Representative
Gary Stubbs who was re-elected, or My boy Lollipop Barney Frank who both are
known to check the oil of the same sex. Stubbs actually messed with
little boys, Frank just ran a gay prostitution ring out of his home. My
guess is if Congressman M has stopped dating the hot little girl I have seen with
him and decides to diddle hot little boys, like your heroes, he will switch
parties to Democrat and will get the full blown support of Lil' Move On Dot
Bobby Esq. Pun intended.
End of story."

Li'l Move on dot Bob says:

"Again, why is ACORN so important to the Obama haters? I bet he represented some big corporations too when he was a lawyer. Why just focus on ACORN?

Congressman M will be outed eventually and his voter base of gay hating Repubs will dry up on him. Trust me, the Dems will not ever want him. Remember, you heard it here first."

The Rowdy Republican says:

"The most beautiful thing about ACORN is it's a nice little anchor to toss to a President sinking in the polls. Voter fraud, hookers, pimps, embezzlement.... Hollywood, ABC, NBC, CBS can't make up stuff this good.

You seem very dialed into the gay community....mmm...
What do you know that you haven't been taleing us...
Makes me nervous about rooming with you after some of those keggers in college.

Dems will never want Congressman M? Can you say Ray Warren?

I hit you with facts and you hit me with conjecture...

I guess that's what keeps the zeppelin afloat."

Li'l Move On says:

"Ray Warren was and is a trial court judge, not a member of the House. Congressman M has had a lot more of an opportunity to be a hypocrite than a judge has. Google "Michael Aaron Lay" for more on Congressman M.

Ray became a Dem when the GOP rejected him bc he was gay. As a fiscal conservative he was happy to continue as a Repub but the Repubs would not keep him due to their institutional hatred of gays. He was all set to run for re-election but they basically kicked him out of the party and would not support him due to being gay. So he switched parties, to the more inclusive Democratic party. That GOP "Big Tent" for sure ain't got room for queers.......does it?

When Congressman M finally gets outed, it will be the end of his political career, because the right wing will not accept him. He will be kicked out of the Big Tent too. Hopefully he will get outed sooner rather than later.

I know some gay people, including my brother in law. They did not choose to be gay, and it is not a "lifestyle." It is their sexual orientation. It is how they are wired, and it came natural to them. They had no control over it.

Cadaver studies have shown that the hypothalmus in the brain of gay men is different from that of straight males, so there is probably a biological explanation for it. Once it is finally proven to be physiological, gays will probably get the same legally protected status in the USA as folks with dark skin and other ethnic characteristics have now, since those are characteristics that humans have no control over. "

The Rowdy Republican says:

"Sorry to hear about your "queer" brother in law, or congratulations whichever one fits. Hard to tell from the tone of your email. Do you call him "queer?"

I have a hard time keeping up they go from colored to black to African American to the latest I just heard, persons of color seems like we are about to complete the circle on that one.

Just wondering if the circle is smaller, so to speak, on this one and we are already back to "queer"?

It does bring up the question though.

"How does a man look at another man's hairy ass and find love?" I miss Sam Kinison .

Really, may be it's the libertarian in me, but what two, or more, big hairy men choose to do between the sheets, doesn't matter to me, as long as it's consensual.

Reminds me of a little story though. Remember there used to be a "person of color reporter" named Ron Fudge, I think on WSOC in Charlotte. He may still be there, I rarely watch. Billy Packer was rumored to want to do a radio sports talk show and he wanted a co-host that was more of a novice to make the show more interesting. He asked Ron Fudge if he would be interested and Fudge said yes as long as he could receive top billing. The show never got picked up though because calling it the Fudge Packer Hour just seemed so gay...... er.....queer........uh.......wrong.

Anyway back to your response, I don't remember implying or stating that Ray Warren was a congressman. He was just an example for you, but thanks for pulling out your Al Gore tone.

I used to go to church with his in-laws family back when he was married. Cute girl he married and two cute daughters. Apparently Ol' Ray can rule from either side of the bench..... if you know what I mean."

Li'l Move On dot Bob says:

"Heck, Hallmark (The Rowdy Repubicans college nickname), my brother in law is a great guy. He is smart, generous, thoughtful, things anyone would want in a brother in law.

And no, I don't use the word "queer" to describe him, nor does he use it to describe himself. That word, and other slang words for gayness that we have all heard for years, are considered to be off limits in the family.

I think "gay" is the word he prefers. It is the word he uses.

My point about Ray Warren vis a vis Congressman M was simply that a judge does not hold press conferences and spout off at the mouth all the time like a Congressman does, and as such is less likely to be caught in obvious hypocrisy--which is what Congressman M's downfall will be, if he in fact gets outed. I think Congressman M's value as a former Congressman would be much lower to the Dems than what Warren's value was as a judge changing parties, due to the higher profile of a Congressman ---- that high profile attracts more criticism of a congressman's statements and positions and gives his opponents more ammo to shoot at him during the election cycle."

The Rowdy Repulican says:

"That word, and other slang words for gayness that we have all heard for years, are considered to be off limits in the family."

Those libbie lawyer circles must be pretty rough. I haven't heard, until today, the word "queer" used in as far back as I can remember. Slid right off your tongue.....or fingertips though.

Glad to hear gay is still the word. I kind of like it. Let me know when it changes and I'll try and keep up."

Lil Move On dot Bob says:

I only use the word "queer" when talking to my Republican friends about how small their Big Tent really is.

The Rowdy Repulican says:

Show off! You really know how to lead by example.

What are the other words you use? I'll need to know if I ever go back to the Republican Party and apparently the crowd I hang with is not up to speed?

No response........

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Jenni Hall said...

As a natural born Southern Baptist girl from the Bible belt...I have to disagree on one thing. It has NOT been proven that men or women are "born" gay.  I am familiar with the study he is quoting from and there is a strong opposing side that explains the findings are skewed.  God is perfect, and he did not create man to be a sinner who is incapable of repenting the sin. In Leviticus 18 God list sexual sins.  Verse 22 says, "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."  God says homosexuality is question here...Therefore if someone is born with the tendency, they choose how they deal with it. God says he will never give you more than you can handle. 1 Corinthians 10:13 (New International Version)"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."God created all people whether straight or gay and He loves them all equally.  He wants all of his children to go to heaven.  Someone who chooses to sin and does not confess it will be judged.  People choose to commit adultery, people choose to be gay, each is a sexual sin.  God gives everyone grace and forgiveness if they confess their sins