Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quote of the week! The RR

James Carville... If Hillary would give Barack one of her balls then they would both have two.

Bristol Palin... Dancin over the Stars.... The RR

The same crowd that can't handle potentially losing a made up dance competition to a 20 year old single mother, up against a  so called actress, who got paid big bucks dancing professionally with Patrick Swaze in Dirty Dancing, thinks we should trust them in handling conflicts with Iran, North Korea and China among others... Huh... what are they gonna do, put on their toe shoes and kick some ass? Yeah right!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Andy Griffth's head.....The RR

See a remix of the commercial, click here.

Is it just me or does that commercial Andy Griffith does for Medicare  prove that massive amounts of steroids are covered under Obamacare???

700K of your tax money spent trying to convince you your tax money is being spent wisely. Huh???

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yesterday was a good start.... The RR

Now the work begins.... It's 2 years before we can fire the next round of Libbie's and Rino's, so we have to be relentless on the ones we stuck in there. If they are in the House, my advice, don't get to comfortable, cause if my TEA Party friends are who I believe they are, they will kick your butt out of the seat before you can get it warmed up real good...

Little Hussein believes this will blow over by 2012, but he will fuel the fire to replace him by resisting the Conservatives, which he will have to do to satisfy his lefty supporters. His poll numbers will continue to drop as he pulls a page out of Li'l Bush's play book and continues to lose his base.

 I used to find it humorous how Libbie's used to throw Bush's poll numbers up to me, never pointing out that they lumped me and my Conservative brothers and sisters in with the bed wetting Libbie's negative poll numbers, for two entirely different reasons. Libbie's thought Bush was too Conservative and I knew he was a Libbie.

Payback is hell... Libbie's have already been heckling BHO at venues that are screened to be friendly to him... mark my words, they will deteriorate into a band of rag tag malcontents before 2012. Anarchy will reign supreme as Hussein's worshippers realize he doesn't/ can't deliver on his promises and is taking their party directly into the jaws of defeat...

Hope and change makes a comeback!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Racism at the TEA Party...oh my..... The RR

Constantly there is a drumbeat by those that don't know a tingle up their leg, from a tinkle down their leg, about racism and hatred displayed at the TEA Parties. These folks, saying these things, have to admit they have never have attended a TEA Party when asked.
The President has deemed us his "ENEMIES", his word. Most Presidents would reserve a word like that for alQuida or the Taliban, but not this one.
Well I for one will proudly proclaim to be the racist enemy of Barack Hussein Obama. I just wish he had gotten the word to me sooner as I could have diverted my vote in the 2008 Republican primary away from the man I thought was the most qualified in the field. Alan Keyes pictured here is the man I voted for.
Watch the video below to see more of the racist I hang out with at the TEA Parties.

Click here to see more evidence of TEA Party racism.