Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pres is a Union Thug!!!..... The RR

Click here to see the Community Antagonizer declare he is a Union Thug.

Question:  Where does the Democrat Party get most of their donations? 
Answer:    The Unions.
Question:  Who fights for Government Unions?
Answer:    The Democratics.
Question:   Who has run all of the bankrupt states for the last 40 years?
Answer:     The Democratics.
Question:    Who have the Unions been negotiating with in the failed states?
Answer:     The Democratics.
Question:    Why do Government Union jobs pay over twice as much as similar private sector jobs?
Answer:      They donate to the Democratics.
 Question:    Where does the Democrat Party get most of their donations?
Answer:       Go back to the top and read over again.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Community Antagonizer in Chief...Um Um Um....The RR

As gas fast approaches $4 / gallon on it's way to $5. Mr. ACORN pictured above is not worried. Remember he proudly told you energy prices were going up under his Presidency while he was running. Unfortunately lots of sheeple were not paying attention while hurriedly lining up to be sheared.
So while focusing like a laser on creating jobs for over two years, you will all be glad to know that "O" has put that on the back burner for a few minutes to solve another of the pressing issues the US is facing. No he is not trying to reopen the Gulf (he shut down) for drilling, or allowing drilling in Alaska. No it's even more pressing than that. While the Middle East is on the verge of World War III, the Nobel Peace Prize winner says nothing because he is focused like a laser on the rights of Dick and Harry to marry.

Yep that's right folks Harry & Dick will be able to marry and live as one. Probably the only place where Obama will allow any drilling.

You just won't be able to afford the gas to attend the nuptials.

See what Obama said about electricity prices under his Presidency.

Friday, February 18, 2011

There are only Three Types of Folks.... The RR

There really are only three types of folks.

Those that do.
Those that want and wait for the Government to do for them.
And those that are confused.

Those that do thank God are still in the majority, barely, about 45%.
Those that want the Government to do seem to remain at about 40%.
The confused are the remaining 15%, but are breaking for the doers because they are awakening to the realization that the Government is running out of other people money.

Republican's Grow a Set.....The RR

I am loving these new Republican's and their fight to slash spending. They may actually convince me to come back to their Party.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

What would you do??? John Quinones.........from Rick Steeby

Remember the media's outrage over the fake hooker and her pimp busting ACORN.  ("O's" former employer) Well where is the outrage over this?
Lame stream media???

Click here to read the story.