Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pres is a Union Thug!!!..... The RR

Click here to see the Community Antagonizer declare he is a Union Thug.

Question:  Where does the Democrat Party get most of their donations? 
Answer:    The Unions.
Question:  Who fights for Government Unions?
Answer:    The Democratics.
Question:   Who has run all of the bankrupt states for the last 40 years?
Answer:     The Democratics.
Question:    Who have the Unions been negotiating with in the failed states?
Answer:     The Democratics.
Question:    Why do Government Union jobs pay over twice as much as similar private sector jobs?
Answer:      They donate to the Democratics.
 Question:    Where does the Democrat Party get most of their donations?
Answer:       Go back to the top and read over again.

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Bob A said...

Unions served purpose years ago. Today, they will bust a company, mostly due to benefits and pensions.