Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute...... sent in by Frank Collins

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Go on and have your cookouts and boat rides and drink a beer or seven tomorrow, but please take 4 minutes out of your day to remember who is and has provided you that opportunity. Reach out to our soldiers and their families on Memorial Day.

Daddy Did you Plug the Hole Yet??? The RR

Well the the end all know all President who waited five weeks to tell us he was in complete control and in charge of the Gulf Oil Spill, even though it was Bush's fault, has yet to find a way to plug the hole.  Even his daughter Malia gave him an unapproval rating in the latest bathroom poll. 
Now let this be a lesson to all you libbies who think government is the answer to everything. Government can't do squat!

Some things Government can do.
Government can take what you have to give it to someone else.
Government can regulate businesses out of the country or out of business.
Government can build a sizable number of people who are dependent upon it for their subsistence and can take away their will to work and support themselves.
Government could wage war if they weren't so busy trying to prosecute the soldiers they enlist to wage the war and placing restrictions on the ability to fight.
But 40 days into it and Government / Obama can't plug a hole.....

Below is a picture of another unsuccessful attempt to plug the hole sent in by Al Zalecki.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commisioner sent in by Al Zalecki

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Here is an unafraid Republican.I just bought a 30-30 Winchester Rifle like the one he's sporting in the commercial.

Guest Opinion From My Cousin Mike Freeland

"An immigrant enters a country to become a part of that country. Learn that language, culture and support that country's flag!
An invader enters a country retaining his own language, culture and waves his own country's flag!
America, we do not have an immigration problem, we are being invaded!!
If we are being invaded by little green men, then it is not racist to stop little green men to see if they are here legally!!
Republicans seem to want Mexicans here to work and not vote, and Democrats want Mexicans here to vote and not work!"


Lowest Poll Number so far for Barack

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speaking of Bumper Stickers.... Anthony Russell

I met Anthony in the parking lot at Lowe's. He was there with his pretty little 2 year old daughter and was loading some landscaping supplies into the back of his vehicle, something drew me to go introduce myself.....
Hopefully Anthony will forward pictures from time to time, and I can share them with you...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bumper Stickers Tell The Story... The RR

Let me tell you a way you can tell Obama is in trouble. Bumper stickers.
That's right. I make notice of businesses who's owners advertise their political leanings by advertising those leanings on the bumpers of their cars.
For instance there is a little Deli style restaurant down at Holden Beach that had three cars with Obama '08 bumper stickers on their cars. They would be the only cars in the lot at 10:00 in the morning as I don't believe they opened until 11:30 for lunch. In 2008 their business seemed stable. In 2009's bad economy, and getting worse, there didn't seem to be as many cars in the lot.
Flash forward to 2010... It seems there are only two cars in the lot prepping for lunch now, and both are now missing their Obama bumper stickers. Fewer cars in the lot also during lunch hour.

What happened to them? The cars are the same, but no bumper stickers. Did the bumper stickers have a shelf life?
Obama has a shelf life and just like deli meats that have outlived their shelf  life and begin to get a little slimy you have to through them out.
I haven't had lunch there since I saw the three bumper stickers.

The Nashville Flood... not in the news... sent in by Frank Collins

Click here to see George Bush's latest disaster.

Oh wait he's been out of office for a year and a half..... so I guess it's no ones fault....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Wear The Flag on Cinco De Mayo... sent in by Miller Hall

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"Check out the story hyper link above. It's a news story from Bill O'Reilly's web page that I found just now from watching Twitter. It's about how "offensive" American Flag clothing was forbidden on El Cinco De Mayo to avoid offending any Mexican-Americans. You need to put this on your blog with some sort of title about the stupidity of young Americans... It makes me ashamed to admit that California School Systems are run by other American citizens.

That kind of attitude towards America should be outlawed, and I can't believe she could say something like that while living in America.
For those of you concerned about who will take over if The RR should meet an early demise. I think I have the answer. My 15 year old nephew Miller

Monday, May 3, 2010

I-8 Billboard.... sent in by Al Zalecki

The RR Voter Guide

Senate Seat NC Republican Primary:

Vote for anybody but Richard Burr as this will fulfill a promise I made to send his rear end home to Winston Salem for endorsing Johnny McClueless for President in the primaries. We are all paying for that now. This vote will not influence the result but may influence the Senator.

NC House District 10 Republican Primary:

My pick for those of you in and around Mooresville, NC and can vote in this primary, my pick is Scott Keadle. Scott has served in the Air Force and is currently a Dentist. Please help me support Scott. He is a common sense Conservative who will reign in the spending.
Check out my previous post on Scott, click here.

Sheriff Iredell County:

Phil Redmond. I have met Phil a couple of times, and am happy to support him.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama's Shameful Hussey... sent in by Bob Austin

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Remember the Enquirer was the first to report the Clinton and John Edwards stories! They were even nominated for a Pulitzer Price for the Edwards story!