Monday, May 17, 2010

Bumper Stickers Tell The Story... The RR

Let me tell you a way you can tell Obama is in trouble. Bumper stickers.
That's right. I make notice of businesses who's owners advertise their political leanings by advertising those leanings on the bumpers of their cars.
For instance there is a little Deli style restaurant down at Holden Beach that had three cars with Obama '08 bumper stickers on their cars. They would be the only cars in the lot at 10:00 in the morning as I don't believe they opened until 11:30 for lunch. In 2008 their business seemed stable. In 2009's bad economy, and getting worse, there didn't seem to be as many cars in the lot.
Flash forward to 2010... It seems there are only two cars in the lot prepping for lunch now, and both are now missing their Obama bumper stickers. Fewer cars in the lot also during lunch hour.

What happened to them? The cars are the same, but no bumper stickers. Did the bumper stickers have a shelf life?
Obama has a shelf life and just like deli meats that have outlived their shelf  life and begin to get a little slimy you have to through them out.
I haven't had lunch there since I saw the three bumper stickers.

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