Monday, May 3, 2010

The RR Voter Guide

Senate Seat NC Republican Primary:

Vote for anybody but Richard Burr as this will fulfill a promise I made to send his rear end home to Winston Salem for endorsing Johnny McClueless for President in the primaries. We are all paying for that now. This vote will not influence the result but may influence the Senator.

NC House District 10 Republican Primary:

My pick for those of you in and around Mooresville, NC and can vote in this primary, my pick is Scott Keadle. Scott has served in the Air Force and is currently a Dentist. Please help me support Scott. He is a common sense Conservative who will reign in the spending.
Check out my previous post on Scott, click here.

Sheriff Iredell County:

Phil Redmond. I have met Phil a couple of times, and am happy to support him.

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