Monday, May 23, 2011


Well the good news is Rowdy got off the injured reserve list about 8:40 tonight. He checked into center field in doggy heaven. Both eyes clear and from my viewpoint he can hear the crack of the bat every time God hits him another fly ball. The hips are no longer rusty and he seems to be playing like a three year old pup.

The vet called and he wasn't producing urine so they did a contrast study and found his urethra was crushed and things were going to get much more complicated for the pup. So I drove down and held his head in my hands and as the vet flushed the lines with saline he finally opened his eyes. She asked if I wanted to spend more time with him and I said no, lets do it while he knows I'm here.

And he just caught another fly ball.....

Rowdy update...

Well Bob wanted to go see the RowDog so he drove me down there to check on him. He was sleeping when we got there but I had a T-shirt I had been wearing this morning and I had almost rinsed it off during the day, but it still smelled enough like me that as soon as I bent down to place it by his head the eyes came open.

Bob who probably has taken care of Rowdy 20% of his life when I traveled for my sales job got down on the floor by his bed and showered him with kisses and some other things...

He looks peaceful, somewhat in a little drug induced relaxation. The bladder appears to be intact but they found blood in his belly. They will monitor him overnight and call me if he needs a transfusion. Hopefully no news is good news but he seemed pretty happy with his new slightly used T-shirt.


Well this morning about 10:30 Rowdy got run over.

We have been to the vet for X-rays and have now delivered him to the emergency vet hospital where he is undergoing an ultrasound and some more X-rays to see how extensive it is. He is on pain medications and best I could see him when I kissed him good bye  he seemed to be resting comfortably. Other than the cry he let out when he was hit he  has been quite the trooper. For a 14, almost year old Golden Retriever he has been in pretty good health other than being deaf and blind in his left eye. He had a huge day playing ball and swimming yesterday ate good and slept well last night.

If the tests come back good after they stabilize him for 2 or 3 days ( he was in shock) then we can evaluate surgery for his broken pelvis.

I will update here or on face book if the updates are short enough, but face book limits the number of characters. Or if you would prefer by email I can try to create a distribution list.I need to keep my phone open for the animal hospital and for some reason every time I tried to call someone today I lost my voice, so I might not be able to take phone calls. I know not everybody is a regular on face book and damn near no-one including my own Mom  reads this blog so I might need help getting the word around. I should get his test resullts in an hour or so and I'll try to post something when I do.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jews?...The RR

Jews vote for Obama and he uses them like toilet paper. I don't get it. All my life I have heard Jewish people referenced as smarter than your average bear but my observations don't back that up.
Click here to read how the Jews will be used again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What would you do???...The RR

Since we don't have enough shi_ already stirred up in this country..... ABC has to make up controversy and make it a TV show...

Good ABC

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Osama is Dead... The RR

The big "O" finally did something that is constitutional.... you have to give him and waterboarding credit when deserved.