Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The New Rowdy Diet

It's really working. I have barely eaten for 3 days and I'm not hungry either. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your best friend. My heart breaks for you and I know your pain too well. By letting him go you gave him your final gift of love. If only words could help. I'm sorry.
Rest in Peace, Rowdy

Sincerely & teary eyed,
Kathy Whipkey

The Rowdy Republican said...

Thanks Kathy, I knew I needed to share Row Dog with you because he loved girls and he would have been all over you. Thanks for your comment.

Betty Blakley said...

Aww Mark! aspirin or Aleve will do anything to help your headache because your heart is hurting as well. There isn't anything worse unless it's a family or friend but our dogs are both our family and friend. I'm still calling our Standard Poodles Sophie and I do not know why. It's been since March that we had to go with Sophie to take that long walk. I'm hoping Sophie has already greeted Rowdy.

The Rowdy Republican said...

Thanks Betty,
I hope Rowdy and Sophie argue every day about ball or Frisbee. I hope she let's it be ball until he get's used to his new home though.