Monday, May 23, 2011


Well this morning about 10:30 Rowdy got run over.

We have been to the vet for X-rays and have now delivered him to the emergency vet hospital where he is undergoing an ultrasound and some more X-rays to see how extensive it is. He is on pain medications and best I could see him when I kissed him good bye  he seemed to be resting comfortably. Other than the cry he let out when he was hit he  has been quite the trooper. For a 14, almost year old Golden Retriever he has been in pretty good health other than being deaf and blind in his left eye. He had a huge day playing ball and swimming yesterday ate good and slept well last night.

If the tests come back good after they stabilize him for 2 or 3 days ( he was in shock) then we can evaluate surgery for his broken pelvis.

I will update here or on face book if the updates are short enough, but face book limits the number of characters. Or if you would prefer by email I can try to create a distribution list.I need to keep my phone open for the animal hospital and for some reason every time I tried to call someone today I lost my voice, so I might not be able to take phone calls. I know not everybody is a regular on face book and damn near no-one including my own Mom  reads this blog so I might need help getting the word around. I should get his test resullts in an hour or so and I'll try to post something when I do.

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