Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daddy Did you Plug the Hole Yet??? The RR

Well the the end all know all President who waited five weeks to tell us he was in complete control and in charge of the Gulf Oil Spill, even though it was Bush's fault, has yet to find a way to plug the hole.  Even his daughter Malia gave him an unapproval rating in the latest bathroom poll. 
Now let this be a lesson to all you libbies who think government is the answer to everything. Government can't do squat!

Some things Government can do.
Government can take what you have to give it to someone else.
Government can regulate businesses out of the country or out of business.
Government can build a sizable number of people who are dependent upon it for their subsistence and can take away their will to work and support themselves.
Government could wage war if they weren't so busy trying to prosecute the soldiers they enlist to wage the war and placing restrictions on the ability to fight.
But 40 days into it and Government / Obama can't plug a hole.....

Below is a picture of another unsuccessful attempt to plug the hole sent in by Al Zalecki.

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