Friday, August 27, 2010

Notre Dame Professor fired for spending Stimulus Money on Filming Porn...The RR

Finally a good use for the stimulus money. There actually was some stimulation in this case, finally. This is the first stimulus money I could actually get to speak..... Then they go and fire the guy creating more unemployment.

The University of Notre Dame says it has fired an electrical engineering professor because he improperly spent more than $190,000 in federal grant money and matching university funds to buy cameras and accessories to take pornographic pictures.

But the professor, Oliver M. Collins, contends the university fired him unjustly and cannot prove he took the sexually explicit and pornographic images, only that the photographs were stored on computers for which he was responsible.

Collins filed a lawsuit last month in federal court in South Bend alleging he was improperly fired. He seeks more than $75,000 in damages.

The university contends in a response that it has incurred damages of more than $140,000 and asks the court to order Collins to pay those costs.

-- Associated Press

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