Friday, March 2, 2012

My inflamed prostate and free birth control. The RR

Well if the government starts covering birth control for all women then as I have previously blogged abortions should be an extremely rare event shouldn't they?
And if I as a tax payer am paying for women's birth control shouldn't I have a say???
Now the libbies who have falsely screamed for years that the conservatives want to invade your bedrooms have just invited me into their bedroom.
So I'll grant Ms. Sandra Fluke her free birth control because when my guy wins I want to be get free treatment for the likely prostatitis looming in my future, most easily rectified by having more sex.
Since Ms Fluke has received free birth control at my expense shouldn't she be willing to pitch in and help me and the government, she didn't want in her bedroom, out with my inflamed prostate. Be careful what you ask for libbies..... Hussein will not always be President but the Govenment controlling your life, even in your bedroom, will be, even when your guy doesn't win.

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