Monday, August 12, 2013

I am a Racist!....The RR

Last Friday I did something, that after I thought about it, proved I am a racist. I have on ocassion, when the tomatoes are ripe, put several in a bag in the mail box for my mail carrier. I did that on Friday last. I was still working in the garden when I saw the mail truck go by. Mail had been late all week and I noticed why. There was a replacement driver in the truck. She went by delivering mail on the other side of the street. I headed for the mail box to retrieve my tomatoes. As I was walking back to the garden tomatoes in hand it occurred to me I am a racist. I didn't want to give my tomatoes to the skinny little white girl working the replacement route. You see I had intended them for the black lady that normally delivers the route. I guess I am a racist.

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