Monday, October 26, 2009

So you want Government Healthcare... sent in by Rick Wozny

Click the title to watch the Sixty Minutes story which aired last night. What in the hell is CBS thinking airing this story! They have just pulled the sheets back on the corrupt bed of Government Run Health Care. I think since we as a people are so stupid I'm going to abandon making a legal living and get in on the corruption.

Meanwhile I wish each and every one of you the health care you voted for. I think we should just go back to the voting booth and vote again. We can keep Hussein as President since 48% of the folks still approve of his efforts according to a Rasmussen Poll.

This vote will be to vote for Obamacare or not. You sign in pick up a slip of paper with your name and address and you drop it in the Obamacare box or you drop it in the Free Market System box. You get to select the health care you receive. Wonder what the vote would be on that?

One more little question you Obamacare fans need to ask yourselves. If Obamacare is going to be so great, why does it not go into effect until 2013? Notice that is after Li'l Husseins 2012 re-election. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck then it's a duck, only this duck ain't AFLAC.

Thanks for forwarding the link Rick.

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