Tuesday, April 20, 2010

50 Ways to leave your Brother..... Durward Owens and The RR

Another one of t those Fraternity Fights...

BB says to Louis Herford:
Hope you are quoting Rush. I know you are not that nutty. Rush, please take your meds.
Tea Party and Reasonable Americans in the same sentence? Only in Rush's dreams. Not in the real world.

Wait and see. There are McVeighs being created right now by Rush, Beck, Coulter, Palin ("reload"-- she said it) and the other right wing media hatenuts. It will happen. We will have another incident of homegrown terrorism. Oh, wait. We already had one. That moron in our Third World State, Texas, who hated the IRS so much he flew his Cessna into an IRS building. He was a right wing nut too. He was a Beck fan. But you guys will blame Obama or Clinton or Reno for the right wing nutcase terrorists. That argument only flies in right wing nutcase circles. It won't carry water in court or anywhere reasonable people meet. Or in history books unless they are written for that bunch of crackpots who choose textbooks in Texas.

Nobody with half a brain takes Rush's political views seriously. He is a drug addict entertainer whose rhetoric is way too extreme. All of you are letting yourselves be dragged along and duped by either the nutcases or the brain dead, and their leaders-the puppeteers--(read "The man who sold America" to learn whose hand is controlling the puppets of the Republican leadership since about 1976) ---have an agenda that they are not disclosing to you, and with which you will not agree, but for which they need your votes.

You guys are being manipulated in a big way. You really should wean yourselves off right wing hate media and start thinking for yourselves and reading some enlightening books. And being afraid of where this right wing nutcase garbage is taking you and our country. Because it will not be a pleasant destination. If we ever go there you won't like it either.


Durward responds:
Bob, I am gone. You have lost it, to include me. Please delete me from the ranting and s--- about good Americans such as those you are gettring sicker and sicker about. When you have something intellegent, and not the party line, to speak of let me hear from you.

The RR says:
I've been gone! Put me on Durward's do not call list.

I hate to have certain self-important folks constantly try to tell me how stupid and unpatriotic I am. I usually ignore the messages especially since I infiltrated Move On and saw that Li'l Move On Dot Bob never has had an original thought. It's mighty sad and awful angry in Li'l Bobby's world.

Back to trying to manage my real estate and investment's, you know how much harder us stupid, country hating racist, old white guys have to work then you ambulance chasers.

You can replace my name with your Queer (your word not mine) Brother-in-Law. That was a very enlightening exchange.
I love you Brother, but with my Real Brother heading back to Afghanistan, I don't need to hear anything else you have to say about politics. You are free to spew your hatred as often as you please but I usually can't get past the first sentence or two before you are so predictable, I am embarrassed for you. If you would try to inform yourself you wouldn't be so laughable.

If you suffer a breakthrough, and do have an original thought, then send it on, but 98% of the info you send I have already seen or heard. I just can't, usually put a face to the stupidity, until you send it.

You as always are free to see what I have to say about it on my blog. You want to pick a fight there you better pack your lunch.

Have you ever noticed the poor sports the libbies are. They are winning by turning this country into a third world socialist nanny state, yet they are still angry, miserable little intolerant people.

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