Sunday, December 19, 2010

Senator Little Dick and the Don't Ask Don't Tale bill.....The RR

Senator "Little Dick" (Richard Burr RINO.NC) earned his nickname from me by endorsing Johnny McClueless RINO.AZ in the 2008 Republican Primary. I have for years called Lindsay Graham RINO SC "Little Lindsay" as McCain has had to take to signaling left hand turns to keep Little Lindsay from rear ending him.

So Little Dick is breaking free from the McClueless spell by disagreeing with Johnny Mac, but on which vote does he decide to do it on? None other than the Don't Ask Don't Tale bill. Yes the just re-elected (I didn't vote for him in the primary) Little Dick decided to hamstring an already handicapped, politically correct killing and destroying force by inviting homosexuals into the trench's with big bad sweaty killing machines. And to make it worse they don't have to hide any effeminate tendencies they might have.

I can see it now, Sargent and his men pinned down by enemy fire, who's he gonna send out to throw the grenade and save them Fabio, or Butch? Who throws like a girl?

He has to send Butch of course. Fabio's more of a catcher than a pitcher.

Don't get me wrong, I have worked with, called on and one week even roomed with a flaming, by his own admission homosexual, and I survived. Heck I even got turned on to a line of hair care and skin exfoliating products I had never heard of, but I wasn't in a life or death situation.

I don't have a problem with Gays, but what was wrong with keeping things like they were? Why introduce one more stress into an already stressful situation. If you are a Gay killing machine (not that there is anything wrong with that) why can't you just keep your desires to hold another man in your arms private. Who the hell needs to know?

Thanks Little Dick, six years will get here quicker than you think.

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