Thursday, June 10, 2010

Only 4% of Whites Agree with Obamacare???... The RR

Maybe this explains why after getting Obamacare passed Obama can't stop trying to sell Obamacare. Watch the push between now and November to try to convince the 68% of the US population that wants Obamacare repealed that it's really going to be good for you no matter what you hear about what is actually in the bill.

Let's do a little math and permit me some small rounding errors.

Blacks are approximately 13% of the population and voted about 95% for Obama.
Hispanics are even a larger percentage of the Population and if you listen to the libbies are in the Democrats back pocket. Let's say legal and illegal Hispanics equal 15% of the US population.
That equals 28% Blacks plus Hispanics. Now add the 68 % opposed to Obamacare that equals 96% of the population.
So if we are to follow the logic of the libbies only 4% of white folks are for Obamacare. Now I'm sure this is off by a little, but can't be off by much if you believe the Democrats / Libbies, and today I prefer to believe them.

Click Here to see a preview of the coming Obamacare. Thanks to Frank Collins for the video.

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