Saturday, June 12, 2010

World War III About to Begin... Who's side will we be on?

Israel set to bomb Iran Click Here.

Up until we elected the first Muslim President we would have stood with the Jews now I'm not so sure.

North Korea is gearing up to bomb South Korea after sinking a South Korean Naval Ship killing 47 South Korean Navy men. This in spite of our joint Naval exercises with the South Koreans.


Because America is perceived to be a sleeping, deteriorating, toothless, giant.

Remember, students of history, how Obama's hero FDR finally got us out of the Great Depression?  No? It wasn't all the stimulus spending....
Why he got us into World War II and all the factories roared back to life to support the War..

Remember my prediction in this blog dated 6/5/10. Click here to see the prediction. Meanwhile the American people are sound asleep. I hope all 3 of you who take time to read this will be able to give me a hard time about how wrong I am.

"Daddy have you plugged the hole yet?"

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